Oncology Research Trial


December 1, 2017 – (Dallas, Texas) – Cloud 9 Healthcare, a company offering feature-rich patient engagement services for the healthcare industry, has announced that their service is being used in a trial and study of chemotherapy infusion patients.  Cloud 9 is participating with teams from Parkland Memorial Hospital and the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation to determine the efficacy of a structured follow-up program for chemotherapy patients post-infusion. Oncology department nurses and management are using Cloud 9 to monitor a population of patients to determine how they are progressing through their treatment, and if additional follow-up or medical intervention is required. Cloud 9 is providing the framework for contacting patients, evaluating their responses, alerting a triage team and managing and reporting follow-up actions. The monitored patients are compared to a standard population of patients for ER utilization and avoidable readmission. The study is expected to continue into 2018.



Cloud 9 Healthcare™ is a service of Cloud 9 Human Connection Solutions™, an organization committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of voice technology communications for a wide range of industries and applications. Combining its proprietary, feature-rich NextGen Voice Technology™ platform with advanced infrastructure, the company has created the industry’s leading-edge patient follow-up service, helping healthcare organizations reduce readmissions fines, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

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