New Patient Follow-Up Service


November 7, 2014 – (Plano, Texas) – Cloud 9 Human Connection Solutions™, a company offering feature-rich, customizable voice services for a variety of applications, has announced the launch of their new Cloud 9 Healthcare™ program. Cloud 9 Healthcare is a cloud-based patient follow-up service designed to help hospitals and healthcare groups better control costs through reduced patient readmissions, as well as to improve patient satisfaction, sense of wellbeing, and outcomes.


Combining automated NextGen Voice Technology™ with physician-authored scripts and pre-identified alerts, Cloud 9 Healthcare’s follow-up service can pinpoint situations where a patient is not recovering as expected, or is not following post-discharge instructions. Subsequently, a caregiver or responsible party can be alerted to intervene before hospitalization – and readmission – is required.  Hospitals are often fined when patients are readmitted within a specific time period with the same diagnosis you could try this out.

It has been proven that with timely and consistent post-discharge follow-up, readmission rates – and fines – can be reduced significantly. However, skilled nursing staff is expensive and in short supply, so it can be difficult to provide extended, comprehensive follow-up for patients using professional personnel. Cloud 9’s system provides this necessary follow up process on an efficient and cost-effective basis.


Cloud 9 Healthcare™ is a service of Cloud 9 Human Connection Solutions™, an organization committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of voice technology communications for a wide range of industries and applications. Combining its proprietary, feature-rich NextGen Voice Technology™ platform with advanced infrastructure, the company has created the industry’s leading-edge patient follow-up service, helping healthcare organizations reduce readmissions fines, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

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