Reduce Readmissions

As the need for effective healthcare grows, the standards by which healthcare providers will be evaluated become more challenging. Being able to reduce readmissions and associated readmissions costs is a priority for any healthcare organization. This is, in part, a result of the costs and fines associated with 30-day readmissions, as well as the perception from patients being readmitted that the level of care provided wasn’t sufficient to prevent their return trip.

The Cloud 9 Healthcare system provides an added level of care for your patients most at-risk of readmission. This system can be programmed to call patients at precisely the right times to follow up on medications, therapy routines, perform a general wellness check, and more. It also features a warm, friendly, automated human voice.

Using Cloud 9 Healthcare follow-up services, your healthcare organization could benefit from:

  • Reduced readmissions costs and fines
  • Improved patient outcomes and hospital satisfaction scores
  • Improved healthcare provider and patient relationships and trust
  • Eliciting the highest level patient response in follow ups