Improve Outcomes

When a patient hears a consistently friendly voice on the other end of the line, calling to check on their well-being, they are going to feel more secure and confident in their healthcare organization.

Cloud 9 provides a proven, effective, and economical way to connect with patients in order to capture and measure recovery progress, reinforce discharge instructions, collect patient outcomes information, issue reminders, and build patient satisfaction surveys.

Being able to reduce readmissions requires a concerted effort to focus on and improve patient outcomes. Cloud 9 helps accomplish this with its cloud-based, Interactive Voice Technology driven system by:

  • Reinforcing post-discharge instructions
  • Proactively monitoring patient progress throughout healing process
  • Ongoing follow up of patients to ensure better adherence to post-discharge instructions
  • Managing alert notifications to health care staff
  • Collecting patient outcomes information
  • Providing a wide range of reporting options for measuring patient outcomes