Cloud 9 Healthcare

Cloud 9 Healthcare is a new and effective cloud-based telehealth service that reduces costly readmissions, improves outcomes, increases staffing productivity, and will lower expenses directly and through cost avoidance.

Cloud 9 Healthcare provides an effective and economical way to reach out to your patients to:

  • Capture and measure recovery progress
  • Monitor compliance of discharge instructions
  • Monitor the clinical pathways and report deviation
  • Issue reminders regarding discharge instructions, medications, appointments, procedures, – and more.
  • Improve the communication process, update patient records, and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Build social/personal relationship, i.e., personalized greetings for birthdays, holidays, health checkup reminders, and increase your hospital-patient interactions.

The service can manage alert notifications to healthcare staff, collect outcome information, and provide a wide range of your specific desired reporting options.

Cloud 9 Healthcare does not require the purchase of hardware or software. There is nothing to install or maintain. All that’s required to use the service is an Internet connection.

Our unique service provides a nurse, supervisor, or practice management, proactive tools to schedule, and monitor automated follow-up calls to patients, providing a continuum of care. Fully customized call scripts for any condition, our program provides complete solutions for you and your patient’s needs. Research shows that early medical intervention is necessary to prevent illness, readmission, and return to surgery.

Cloud 9 Healthcare generates an immediate contact report for every call to every patient. If the patient fails to answer, or answers signaling a worsening condition, an alert is issued to a nurse and/or nurse supervisor, and/or the designated contact for a responsible party. Alerts can be sent to one or more persons and can be delivered by any combination of text message, email, or voice message. Nurses and supervisors can document follow-up actions for each alert. Supervisors are provided statistical data to help manage patient care, follow-up actions, and staffing requirements, and to determine areas of health improvement.

Cloud 9 Healthcare incorporates physician-developed-and-approved question sets for every specialty, driving down into the diverse variety of conditions and situations, pre- and post-procedure. Cloud 9 Healthcare can also create customized question sets for any specialty or service. It can also be used in facilitating clinical trials, surveys, or other direct patient self-reporting data requirements.