How It Works

Readmissions: Challenging, Costly, Complicated.

Unplanned patient readmissions can be unnecessary in most cases, and fortunately, their occurrence can be more effectively managed.  It has been proven that with timely and continuous post-discharge follow-up, this readmission rate can be reduced significantly. However, skilled nursing staff is expensive and in short supply, so it can be difficult to provide extended, comprehensive follow-up for patients using professional personnel.

The Solution: Cloud 9 Healthcare™.

Combining automated Voice Technology with physician-authored scripts and pre-identified alerts, Cloud 9 Healthcare’s follow up system can pinpoint situations where a patient is not recovering as expected or is not following post-discharge instructions. Subsequently, a caregiver or responsible party can be alerted to intervene before hospitalization – and readmission – is required.

Using advanced Voice Technology, this program collects information from the patient and monitors their progress and their adherence to post-discharge instructions.  This relatively simple process is proven to be effective. In fact, in a recent study, 80% of patients surveyed said they preferred an automated caller to a human caller.